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Ed Book's Journal

photographs and words

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Ed Book
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In case you can't find the link to my journal, click >---->edbook

Howdy, and welcome to my journal...

All images and text in this journal are (C) Ed Book and may be viewed in a browser but may not be downloaded, reproduced, copied, stored, or manipulated in any manner or form whatsoever without prior written permission. Doing so violates my control of use and I consider such use without permission to be violating my copyright controls and affects my ability to make my living with my work. That having been stated, if you see an image you would like to use for 'personal' use, please visit my archive at EdBookPhoto.com Taking without asking, for any reason, is not nice.

If you add my journal to your friends list, let me know and I'll add yours back. The majority of my posts are 'friends only'.

I'm a full-time freelance nature and landscape photographer and I'm using this journal to display some of my photography.

a little about me... I live on the semi-rural Kitsap Peninsula in Puget Sound, an hour ferry ride west of Seattle. I travel most of the US making photographs and also spend a lot of time in the mountains of Washington State.

As I make my living with my photography, if you have any questions about me or my photography, please ask. If you would like to see more of my images, visit my website at EdBookPhoto.com

If any of my images move you one way or another, feel free to comment... whether you consider your comments to be positive or negative, I consider them constructive to me.

I set up some LJ Communities for posting specific photo subjects... go see and post in:
doorwindowwall photos of doors, windows, walls, and such
iamthelorax photos and words about trees
waterflow photos of water in it's different forms
photohoops 360 degree panoramas
cameramotion photos made while the camera was in motion
photoandtellhow post a photo and tell how you made it
photosup photos made when the camera was pointed straight up
wazzuphoto photos made when the camera was pointed straight up
throwncamera photos made when the camera was on its own in the air
yurtfriends a community devoted to The Yurt at Mount Tahoma Trails

Find images in my online stock archive.

Check out my books

more info by request...


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